Adobe Lightroom Classic Essentials Course

You’ve taken loads of photos. What now? How do you make the most of your editing?
Learn how to quickly rate, sort, and select your favourite pictures, making it easy to edit, export, and print them.

Adobe’s leading image editing software is used by professional photographers to organize edit and print masterpieces.

My Adobe Lightroom Essentials course will teach you how to make your photos look amazing using your images with hands-on practice in Lightroom.

Each section is practical, detailed, full of tips and tricks.

Virtual sessions on Zoom

Each learning session on Zoom is two hours. I facilitate one-on-one sessions as well as classes with a maximum of four photographers.


Every part of your post-production process is important—from uploading your photos to editing and exporting your images. Take your photo editing to a new level, step by step.
My Adobe Lightroom Essentials course will help you:

  • Master your Lightroom editing workflow.
  • Learn hidden secrets revealed in the Develop Module.
  • Know how to back up and organize your photos in Lightroom.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Learn how Lightroom can work for you

  • Understand the Lightroom interface
  • Add a copyright to your photo’s metadata
  • Create a Lightroom Catalogue
  • Learn how to import photos to the Lightroom catalogue from your hard drive or memory card
  • Build smart previews
  • Use smart collections
  • Delete images from the catalogue and hard drive
  • Back-up your images in Lightroom
  • Locate lost pictures
  • Rename and move photos and folders

Lesson 2: Unlock the power of the Develop module

  • Understand how to use the histogram
  • Know how to correct exposure
  • Adjust the white balance
  • Crop & Rotate and Straighten
  • Synchronize your settings to all of your pictures at once
  • Learn adjusting Tone Curve, to edit all in one -Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks.
  • Use virtual copies of your photos
  • Use the History function to view snapshots and to reset
  • Use lens correction

Lesson 3: Use colour correctly in the Develop module

  • Understand Colour Profiles
  • Use the Colour Mixer correctly
  • Use appropriate Colour Grading
  • Use Dehaze and Clarity correctly
  • Understand how to use appropriate Vibrance and Saturation
  • Sharpen your images
  • Remove noise from your images

Lesson 4: Apply masterful edits to your photos using the Develop module

  • Understand how to use masks to improve your photos
  • Use Adjustment Brushes to fine tune your photos
  • Make Range Mask adjustments
  • Make Graduated Filter adjustments
  • Use the Spot Removal tool
  • Understand how to use Split Toning
  • Know how to export your photos from Lightroom