To our valued customers,

During this unprecedented time in world history, I wanted to reach out to you personally and see how things are going for you and loved ones during COVID-19 outbreak.  If there’s anything at all you need, please let me know. Given the urgency surrounding Covid-19 virus, I have closed my studio and staying home for social…

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Saving Your Family History on M Disc

  With this article we would like to discusses the benefits of digitizing and saving your family albums, slides, negatives, videos  and memorabilia on M-Discs for the preservation of your family history records. Main reasons for digitizing your family records are: – Treasured fragile historical photos and documents no longer requires worrying for damaging from…

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Every now and again a customer walks through our door, carrying a box. It’s a simple cardboard box. A shoe box, perhaps, or something larger. An ordinary container with extraordinary contents. The customer will say something like, “I have some old photos that I need to organize. Can you help?” And with this simple question…

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“I know a guy,” she said.

When you think of the word “butler,” what comes to mind? A man who is courteous and attentive. Someone who is prompt, discreet and extremely skilled at anticipating the needs of others.  He is also patient, flexible and quietly diligent. With that in mind, let me tell you how I came to rely on the…

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How much resolution is too much?

Transferring old family photos or archives is already major decision, here is a great article by Mike Ashenfelder from Library of Congress to give you inside to make your decision easier. Read the article

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Tips on Transfering Family History

Your personal photos, films, videos and audio recordings are the details of your life’s special moments. Although you haven’t watched the movies and slides in years, unfortunately, heat, humidity and improper storage cause videotapes and slide films to deteriorate, decaying the magnetic particles that represent your precious family memories on video tapes, or due to…

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